And the Answer Is...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Well, based on the number of responses to the question of the week, it seems as we finally  have all the kinks worked out. Thanks for everyone who participated.

This week's question was...

In which book was reading taught in a laboratory with pictures?

And the answer is...

Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'Brien

Congratulations go to the following schools for correctly answering this week's question.

Sperreng Middle
Hollenbeck Middle
Oakville Middle
Pattonville Heights 
Bernard Middle
Hazelwood North 
Cross Keys
Washington Middle
Danby Rush Tower
Hixson Middle
Hoech Middle
Hazelwood Northwest

Since we have finished featuring all 20 books on our list there will be no new post on Tuesday. None-the-less, those posts are available for the teams to read and comment on.

The Question of the Week will, however, continue every Monday until the week before the competition.

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