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Friday, February 18, 2011

First let me apologize to everyone having problems posting this week. In an effort to keep all comments hidden, I somehow managed to also hide the comment link. I apologize for this technological hiccup and have it corrected. You should be able to view the delicious comment link now, so that next week everyone will be able to post on the post.

If you still have problems for any reason, send me an email with your answer at

This week's question was ...

In which book does the protagonist meet an uncle for the first time and think his driver is in the Mafia?

 And the answer is...

Middleworld by J. & P.  Voelkel

Schools correctly identifying the book and authors for this week's question are...

Hazelwoood Southeast
Hazelwood Northwest
Sperreng Middle
Bernard Middle
Ladue Middle
Oakville Middle (OMS)
Hixson Middle
Danby Rush Tower
Bernard Middle

If anyone tried and was unable to post or did not know to send me an email, please let me know. If more schools attempted to answer this week's question than those I received emails from, I will throw this question out when tallying up correct responses for the prize at the end of the year.

Again my sincere apologies, I hope you all will continue to participate in the Question of the Week, and encourage your students to read all the great quest posts and leave comments about the books on this year's list.

1 Delicious Comments:

Hixson AWBB Team said...

I posted a correct answer from Hixson Middle School yesterday. The preview showed and I had checked spelling numerous times. Did you not receive?

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