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Monday, October 12, 2015

Brandon Mull

In a world that lies between reality and imagination, a “fanciful, action-packed adventure” awaits (Publishers Weekly, starred review). Come and claim it in this first book of the Five Kingdoms series, from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series.

Cole Randolph was just trying to have a fun time with his friends on Halloween (and maybe get to know Jenna Hunt a little better). But when a spooky haunted house turns out to be a portal to something much creepier, Cole finds himself on an adventure on a whole different level.

After Cole sees his friends whisked away to some mysterious place underneath the haunted house, he dives in after them—and ends up in The Outskirts.

The Outskirts are made up of five kingdoms that lie between wakefulness and dreaming, reality and imagination, life and death. It’s an in-between place. Some people are born there. Some find their way there from our world, or from other worlds.

And once you come to the Outskirts, it’s very hard to leave.

With the magic of the Outskirts starting to unravel, it’s up to Cole and an unusual girl named Mira to rescue his friends, set things right in the Outskirts, and hopefully find his way back home…before his existence is forgotten.

About the Author

Brandon Mull is the author of the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling Beyonders and Fablehaven series. Brandon resides in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon with his wife and four children. He spent two years living in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile where he learned Spanish and juggling. He once won a pudding eating contest in the park behind his grandma’s house, earning a gold medal.

I’ve always secretly wanted to write books.

I often kept the desire secret, because I knew that succeeding as a novelist would be a challenge, and I didn’t want people worrying about me or thinking I was crazy. As a kid, I lived in my head a lot, making up adventures, and sometimes sharing my imaginary games with siblings and friends. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always spent a huge portion of my free time daydreaming and making up stories. As I aged, those stories became more elaborate and compelling, and I decided that I wanted to share them with others. That was when I became serious about writing.

I figured that if I could learn to write a good scene, I could eventually write a good novel,

so through high school and college I mostly practiced by writing short fiction. After graduating from Brigham Young University in 2000, I started working on my first full-length novel. It was rejected by many agents and publishers before an editor at Shadow Mountain Publishing found promise in it. Shadow Mountain did not purchase that first book, but they asked to see something else, and the book I wrote for them was Fablehaven. So Fablehaven was published by the first publisher who saw it, after I did a lot of work shopping around that first book. The first book has not yet been published, but I expect to rewrite it someday and show it to publishers again.

Learn more about Brandon Mull on his website

16 Delicious Comments:

Unknown said...

Hazelwood Central Middle School Book Battle Club-

Will there be romance? We hope so! Excited to get to the end of the story to find out if Cole solves all of the problems shown in the video and in the description.

Anonymous said...

I hope this book also has a lot of action and adventure!

Tammira Williams-From Hazelwood Central Middle School

Anonymous said...

Haven't read this book get me hip

Anonymous said...

this book seems so interesting and cant wait to get my hands on that book



Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Ismail from Hixson and I am currently in the middle of reading this book! So far I love the book and the way that the story is told is amazing. After I finish this book I will probably read the others in the series.

Isaiah said...

The semblances add great action to this story and the shaping makes the book very interesting. Isaiah > St. Gabriel The Archangel

Jack said...

This book was great. I love when Cole puts his magic shawl on fake Mira to shut Carnag down. Lots of suspense.
Jack St. Gabriel

Jaynie said...

I liked the ending the best! Their adventure was sooooo detailed and fun to read. I couldn't put the book down at the end. My favorite character is Mira because she is very secretive and fun to see what she was going to do next. Also, Dreamland sounded VERY fun to live in!

-Jaynie (St. Gabriel)

Jack said...

I loved Skyraiders! It was a compelling story taking the adventure of Shadow Throne, the friendship from Matched, and the laughs of Sidekicked! The shaping makes it much more interesting, and Happy makes the book five times better. Skyraiders makes me think and dream. A dreamy adventure that keeps you reading. I recommend this for anyone who likes an adventurous, silly, pageturner that I cannot put down. P.S. my favorite character is Lola the pig.
-Jack P.

Emily said...

My favorite part is when Cole,Mira,Jace,and Twitch was in the dreamland and they were running from the skeletons and dinosaurs. by Emily St. Gabriel The Archangel

Abby said...

I really loved this book! I normally don't read books like this, but when I tried it, I really enjoyed the vivid characters, exciting scenes, and fantastic description! PLot twists and magic kept the story moving very beautifly!
Abby-St. Gabriel

Anonymous said...

The start was very action packed and fast paced with suspenseful moments that keep you on the edge of your seat. The book's storyline was interesting, but it was a bit slow. We are considering reading the rest of the series. We did, however find Happy and Lola the pig very interesting and pretty funny.

By Danny and Matt from St. Gabriel

Kaitlyn said...

This book is probably my favorite book that I've read so far! I love the sense of adventure that Brandon Mull put into the book! I really loved all the semblances' personalities and the magic weapons and monsters. By Kaitlyn St. Gabriel

Lauren St.Gaberiel said...

I like the idea of shaping in the story and the semblances are interesting because they are "programed" to do certain things and they can provide weird conversations and can raise lots of suspicion. Mango is the best semblance next to Happy who is made to make people happy in the slave cars. I also find the scorpipede was weird, and Mira solved her problem and needs to help her sisters.

By:Lauren St. Gabriel

Anonymous said...


From: Hazelwood Central Middle School
Tammira Williams

Anonymous said...

The action and adventure really makes me love it. ckms

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