And The Answer Is...

Friday, January 31, 2014

This week's question was…

In which book does the main character learn a shocking secret about her ancestry?

And the answer is…

Marissa Meyer


Death Catchers
Jennifer Anne Kogler

Here are the teams who got this week's question correct

 Gateway Science Academy
Cross Keys Middle
Rockwood South Middle
Hazelwood West Middle
Ft. Zumwalt North Middle
Parkway Northeast Middle
Oakville Middle
Fulton School at St Albans
Valley Park Middle
Brentwood Middle
St Clare of Assisi
Wentzville Middle
Hazelwood North Middle
Holman Middle
Hazelwood Northwest Middle
Pattonville Heights Middle 
Hixson Middle
Hazelwood Central Middle
Ladue Middle

Evidently this was a heavily debated answer (which is one of the reasons it was cut from the battle's question and given to the blog). Congrats to all the schools who answered this question both Cinder and Death Catchers was accepted. 

Make sure to check back next Monday for another Question of the Week.

Please leave your answers in the comments unless you have a problem then email
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Question of the Week

Monday, January 27, 2014

Welcome to the first Question of the Week the 8th Annual Area-Wide Book Battle.

This week's question is…

In which book does the main character learn a shocking secret about her ancestry?


Include in your answer…

Title of book (as it appears on the official book list)

Author's name (as it appears on the official book list)

The name of your school

The answer to this week's question will be posted on Friday along with all the schools who answered the question correctly.

A new question will be posted again next Monday.

It's Coming!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's a new year and four months until the 
8th Annual Area-Wide Book Battle 

So to get you ready for the battle ahead !!!!
Here  is a

Starting next Monday the Area-Wide Book Battle will once again
The Question of the Week Contest

The contest is open to all registered teams.


Every Monday a new question will be posted
Teams will leave one answer per school in the comments

Remember to include with your answer

the name of your school


the title of the book (as listed on official BB list)

the author's name (as listed on official BB list)

The school with the most correct answers at the end of the contest will be recognized and presented with a prize at the Book Battle.  Good luck and good reading.

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