2010/2011 5th Area Wide Book Battle Highlights

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yesterday was one of the most exciting day of the year. There was more electricity in the Pattonville Heights' gym than there was outside in the gathering storm clouds as all 34 Book Battle Teams came together to strut your stuff ... and strut you did. Everyone did a fantastic job and the whole committee wants to thank all the students and their coaches for making this battle the best ever!

Kudos to the top three teams are certainly in order.

In First Place Ladue Middle School

In Second Place Pattonville Heights Middle School

In Third Place Hixson Middle School

Even though there can only be one top placed winner you are all winners for working hard, reading the books, and giving it your all.


A very special thanks to James Dashner and Heather Brewer for taking time out of their busy schedules and making this a very special event. The students loved having you at the battle and the committee is very grateful to your both.

Also thanks to Scholastic Book Fairs and the St. Louis County Library for providing their support for this amazing event. 

Until next year keep reading!

And the Answer Is...

Friday, May 6, 2011

This week's question was ...

In which book does the a character win a competition she didn't want to enter? 

And the answer is ...

When the Black Girl Sings by Bil Wright

Here is the list of schools who correctly identified the answer to this week's questions.

Hixson Middle
Cross Keys Middle
Danby Rush Tower
Ladue Middle
Pattonville Heights
Hoech Middle
Bernard Middle
Oakville Middle
Hazelwood Northwest
Hollenbeck Middle
Hazelwood North

Congratulations to all the schools who correctly identified this week's book. 

As you know this was the last Question of the Week for the 2010/2011 Book Battle. The school who has correctly answered the most Question of the Week will be announced at the Book Battle on Tuesday. We have a terrific blog buster prize for the the winning school.  Thanks you all for participating and I wish you all well in the upcoming battle.

See you Tuesday!

Question of the Week

Monday, May 2, 2011

Today is the last Question of the Week, and I want to thank all the school who participated in this year's  blog competition. 

The Area Wide Book Battle will announce the winner next week at the Book Battle and the school who has answered the most questions will receive a special prize.

This week's question is...

In which book does the a character win a competition she didn't want to enter? 

Don't forget to include in your answer the title and author of the book as it appears on the 2011 book list and the name of your school. 

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