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Monday, March 7, 2016

This week's Question of the Week is...

In Surround by Sharks what word is spelled wrong on the posters Tam and Pamela mad about Davey?

As you can read this is a bonus round question and requires a word answer instead of the title and author's name.  Make sure that you include in your answer your school's name. Please only one answer per team.

Good luck!

12 Delicious Comments:

Mrs. Larrew said...

Missing. It was spelled with three s's.

Cross Keys Middle School.

Mary said...

Mrs. R for Hazelwood North Middle answers missing is spelled MISSSING on the poster in Surrounded by Sharks by Michael Northrop. (Auto correct wouldn't let me spell it wrong unless I capitalized.)

ndowling said...

Oakville Middle Says: Swimming

Mrs. Kormann said...

Davey's last name
Michael Northrop
Hazelwood Northwest Middle School

Hixson said...

The word is missing spelled misssing. -Hixson Middle

Unknown said...

From: Hazelwood CENTRAL Middle School

In the book Surrounded by Sharks by Michael Northrop, The misspelled word was "missing" it had three s's.

Anonymous said...

Missing was spelled Misssing

St. Clare of Assisi School

Anonymous said...


The Fulton School

Anonymous said...

In the book Surrounded By Sharks by Michael Northrop, the word "missing" was misspelled. It was spelled with three s's -misssing.

Anonymous said...

oops - we were in such a hurry to add our answer we forgot to add our name
to earlier comment

In the book, Surrounded by Sharks, by Michael Northrup, the word 'missing'
was misspelled. It was spelled with three s's - misssing.

Rockwood South Middle School

Mrs. W said...

The word that is misspelled is 'missing' spelled 'misssing'.
-Brittany Woods Middle School

St. Gabriel said...

Missing was spelled "misssing"

submitted by St. Gabriel

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