And the Answer Is

Friday, February 7, 2014

This week's question was…

In which book is a character negatively effect by an echo?

And the answer is...

The Death Catchers 
Jennifer Anne Kogler

Here are this week's winners

Ladue Middle 
Hixson Middle
Hazelwood Northwest Middle
Cross Keys Middle
Oakville Middle
Hazelwood North Middle
Hazelwood Central Middle
Valley Park Middle
St Clare Assisi
Brentwood Middle
Rockwood South Middle
Parkway Northeast Middle

Congratulations to all the schools who correctly answered this week's question.  

Please remember to only post one comment per school  to post answers before 12 midnight the Thursday before the "And the Answer Is" will be posted Friday morning.
While emails are counted, placing your comments on the post is the preferred method.   

2 Delicious Comments:

Anonymous said...


Antony John

The Fulton School at St. ALbans

Northwest Middle School said...

Good morning- not sure if you guys realize that the question above- does not match that question of the week--

The question was- which character flies a kite...but in this answer one- it talks about an echo...

Just did not want anyone to be confused...Thanks for all that you do and have a great day! Donna Rudroff

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