Question of the Week #4

Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome back for another Question of the week. This week's question is a little different. Instead of requiring the title and the author the question requires you to answer a specific detail from the book.

So here is this week's question...

In Belly Up, Teddy believes that someone tried to scare or possibly kill him by letting a snake escape from it's exhibit in The World of Reptiles.  What kind (species) of snake is it?

Don't forget to include in your answer the name of your school. All answers will remain hidden until Friday when the correct answer is revealed.

Good reading!

9 Delicious Comments:

Wildwood Middle School said...

The answser is a Black Mamba.

Wildwood Middle School

Rockwood South Middle School said...

Mamba snake

Rockwood South Middle School

Mrs. R said...

The snake was a black mamba answers school number 4, Hazelwood North Middle School.

Mrs. Larrew said...

Cross keys Middle School says:

Black Mamba

Anonymous said...

Black Mamba
Wentzville Middle School
Team 14
Author Stuart Gibbs

Bernard Middle said...

Black Mamba

Bernard Middle School

Northwest Middle School said...

Hazelwood Northwest Book Battle-

The snake in Belly Up is a black mamba.

Anonymous said...

Valley Park Middle School Team 30 answer to Question of the Week #4:

Black Mamba

Anonymous said...

Oakville Middle School says: Black Mamba.

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