Question of the Week#6

Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome back for another Question of the Week! This week's question is...

In which book does the protagonist's mother babysit a boy with yellow snot in his nose?

Remember to include in your answer the title and author of the book as it appears on the official book list, and the name of your school. Also please only submit one answer per school.

10 Delicious Comments:

Mrs. R said...

Hazelwood North Middle, school Number 5 in the Book Battle Challenge, answers the snotty question--Invisible Lines by Mary Amato.

(We were listed twice last week as winners, is this an error?)

Mrs. Larrew said...

Invisible lines by: Mary Amato

Cross Keys MIddle School

Liz at WMS said...

Washington Middle School says:

Invisible Lines by Mary Amato

Anonymous said...

Oakville Middle says Invisible Lines by Mary Amato

Northwest Middle School said...

Hazelwood Northwest Middle School-

Our answer this week is

Invisible Lines by Mary Amato.

PS- Also on last week's winners, they listed Hazelwood North Middle twice and did not have us - Hazelwood Northwest Middle... can you change this for us? We did submit the correct answer. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Invisible Lines by Mary Amato

Rockwood South Middle School

Rockwood South Middle School said...

Invisible Lihes by Mary Amato

Rockwood South Middle School

Hixson AWBB Team said...

Hixson AWBB Team's answer is:

Invisible Lines by Mary Amato

MsMac said...

Invisible Lines
Mary Amato
Hazelwood West Middle School

Bernard Middle said...

Invisible Lines by Mary Amato

Bernard Middle School

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